Commit 8e3f986b authored by Maiken's avatar Maiken
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Merge branch 'mandatoryblocks' into 'master'

add common to required blocks, mapping is required if root

See merge request nordugrid/arc!354
parents ef7a419d 42db6120
......@@ -619,7 +619,10 @@ Return error if the presence of one value implies one of another
sub check_completeness() {
my $config=shift;
my @required=("arex", "infosys", "lrms");
my @required=("common", "arex", "infosys", "lrms");
# mapping block is required if running as root
push @required, "mapping" if getpwnam(getpwuid($<)) == 0;
my ($validparams, $validblocks, $multiple, $novalueparams) = validconfparams();
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