Commit 441bc2ac authored by Maiken's avatar Maiken

Adding some debug output for deploy 7 step

parent 099e4e46
......@@ -320,6 +320,10 @@ deploy_staging_centos7:
stage: deploy_and_test
image: docker:stable
- pwd
- ls -lhrt
- ls -lhrt rpmbuild
- export DOCKER_API_VERSION=1.19
- name_container=el7_`date +%Y%m%dT%H%M`
- docker run --name=$name_container --privileged -v "$CI_PROJECT_DIR/rpmbuild:/rpmbuild:rw" -v "/arc-testfiles:/arc-testfiles:rw" -v "/arc-testlogs:/arc-testlogs:rw" -v "/arc-logs:/arc-logs:rw" --publish 443 --publish 2811 --publish 9000-9002 --publish 9000-9002/udp --rm maikenp/arc-deploy-centos7
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