Commit b4375196 authored by Maiken's avatar Maiken

Merge branch 'dev-fixinfoprovloglevel' into 'master'

fix infoproviders loglevel, was incorrectly set to arex one

See merge request nordugrid/arc!909
parents 45116972 db03b539
......@@ -881,7 +881,7 @@ sub parseConfig {
#print Dumper($config);
# C 134
LogUtils::level($config->{arex}{loglevel}) if $config->{arex}{loglevel};
LogUtils::level($config->{infosys}{loglevel}) if $config->{infosys}{loglevel};
my $checker = InfoChecker->new($config_schema);
my @messages = $checker->verify($config,1);
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