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    • Florido Paganelli's avatar
      Basic changes to make discover.php compatible with the new attlist and GLUE2 · 3d76cdfb
      Florido Paganelli authored
      - Added posibility to pass schema via parameter
      - Added archery scan
      - Prepared for GLUE2 code, but requires more work, most query code is
        strictly based on NG. Not sure whether this is worth the effort atm. Hard to estimate how much it could be.
    • Florido Paganelli's avatar
      Changes for attlist.php to work · e4db459c
      Florido Paganelli authored
      This enables attlist to display GLUE2 information.
      The following changes have been made:
      - The previous implementation did not support archery properly. This version does.
      - "$thething" parameter must be the objectclass for this to work in GLUE2.
         There are GLUE2 attributes with the same name that appear in different object classes.
         This has serious implications in how attlist used to work.
         - As a consequence changes to extract the proper objectclass have been made
           in ldap_nice_dump
      - Case lowering is applied inside attlist because I do not want to lose
        case information in the parameter passing. Made the code a bit uglier.
      - Schema is now taken into account when generating the dialog.
      - Objects in GLUE2 are many more than in NG. The switch block inside
        attlist.inc must be further developed for GLUE2. Right now
        the results will only show the cluster hostname (no queues etc)
      - These changes break other parts of the code such as discovery.php and other stuff,
        will be fixed in another changeset.
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