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Release notes for 6.3.0

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Advanced Resource Connector (ARC)
Release Notes for NorduGrid ARC 6.3.0 16.10.2019
We are happy to announce the ARC 6.3.0 release, which includes some bugfixes and smaller enhancements to 6.2.0.
Highlights in this release
As no larger new features are added in this release, the main highlights are the fixing of some annoying bugs:
* A bug sometimes causing arex to stop job processing after logrotate is fixed (3857).
* Also fixed is the failure to clean the session directory when the session directory is nfs mounted with no_root_squash (3855).
* Some systems encountered an increasing amount of left-over hanging arched processes which eventually caused the ARC server to run out of memory.
This should be fixed since now the DMC is run in a separate process. (3830).
We would like to mention a highlight from release 6.2.0 which unfortunately missed the highlights at the time:
Starting from 6.2 it is possible to measure job resource usage on worker nodes using cgroups.
This option provides precise accounting measurements and is enabled automatically when the arc-job-cgroup tool is installed
on the worker node (part of the new nordugrid-arc-wn package).
Please see the documentation for more details:
Finally looking ahead to 6.4.0: ARC 6.3.0 will be the last release with the current accounting implementation.
If you want to know what is awaiting you, please head over to the documentation:
The following Bugzilla tickets have been resolved
* 3869 Submit and query job to GridFTP resource without LDAP
* 3868 Add missing initializer for show_json option
* 3867 Prepend authgroup rule with +/-/!
* 3861 HTTP error reason is not correctly propagated
* 3857 arex sometimes stops job processing after logrotate
* 3855 cleaning session dir fails when no_root_squash is on
* 3854 arcctl ignores ARC_CONFIG environment variable
* 3842 gm-jobs reports zero exit code failing to access delegation database
* 3830 Leftover arched processes
The ARC 6 documentation has been rewritten in a modern format and is
placed at
Please note that although the most important parts of the ARC 6 documentation are in place,
it is still not fully complete. If you have questions, please contact us!
Installing ARC 6
We recommend to install ARC release using the Nordugrid repository.
* Start with the basics:
* Get production ready:
Note that if you instead install from EPEL for RHEL 7 compatible systems,
the ARC 6 packages can be found as nordugrid-arc6-* and not nordugrid-arc-*
This was needed in order to supply both ARC 5 already available for RHEL7 and the new ARC 6.
We provide binary builds for all supported versions of
* Debian (i386 and amd64)
* Fedora (i386 and x86_64)
* CentOS EL6 (i386 and x86_64) and EL7 (x86_64)
* Ubuntu (i386 and amd64, both LTS and interim releases)
In addition we build nightly packages for older platforms.
Future support of ARC 5-series
Note that now that ARC 6 is released, we will only provide security updates of ARC 5.
In particular:
1) No new feature development is planned or going on for ARC5 and no bug-fixing development
will happen on ARC5 code base in the future except for security issues.
2) Security fixes for ARC5 will be provided till end of June 2020.
3) Production Sites already running ARC 5 will be able to get deployment and configuration
troubleshooting help via GGUS till end June 2021. This we call "operational site support".
4) ARC5 is available in EPEL7 and will stay there. EPEL8 will only contain ARC 6.
Getting in touch
If you need help with the configuration file or have any other questions related to ARC 6, please contact us via
* Email:
* Skype channel dedicated to ARC 6 support:
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