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# Getting started
Install requirements
pipenv install
## Securing API access to the server
In this step you should get a personal access token (PAT)
from the gitlab server and save that token in the file
To obtain a PAT do the following:
1. Login on the gitlab server web interface
2. Find your user settings (upper right corner)
3. Enter the menu item "Access Tokens" (placed in the left panel)
4. Specify name for the access token and ensure that the api scope is selected.
5. Click create personal access token and save the access token in the file ``
The content of the file `` should look similar to this
PersonalAcessToken = "asd2kl6has4ldj3lksaf"
## Launching the jupyter notebook
Launch the jupyter notebook server with the command
pipenv run jupyter notebook
and open the file `Demonstration of GitlabClassHelper.ipynb`.
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