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......@@ -4,8 +4,26 @@ I use Mendeley as a software tool to manage my references.
I find it easy to import references into Mendeley and references can be exportet to a bibtex file.
The bibtex file can then be used in a latex document.
Url: [https://www.mendeley.com].
## Citation mapper
Link to Citation Mapper [https://github.com/henrikmidtiby/CitationMapper].
Video demonstration of Citation Mapper: [https://youtu.be/36xrnQ1LHgQ].
Input to Citation Mapper can be acquired from Web of Science
## DOI lookup
If you have a digital object identifier (DOI) for a paper and
want to access the paper, then use the "Resolve a DOI Name" service.
Use the link below to get access to full text versions of
papers that SDU has bought access to