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\cite{Midtiby2012psep} describe how to detect the Plant Stem Emerging Point of sugar beet in early growth stages.
To recognize plant species it makes sense to look at
both the entire plant and the individual leaves in combination
......@@ -15,6 +15,21 @@ Video demonstration of Citation Mapper: [https://youtu.be/36xrnQ1LHgQ].
Input to Citation Mapper can be acquired from Web of Science
## VPN to SDU
I use the following command to connect to SDU's vpn
using my normal password.
sudo openconnect -u "tek\hemi" any.sdu.dk
To avoid typing this every time I need to connect, I have
made the following alias in my .bashrc.
alias hsm_vpn_to_sdu='sudo openconnect -u "tek\hemi" any.sdu.dk'
The command can now be invoked by issueing the command `hsm_vpn_to_sdu` on the command line.
## DOI lookup