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[Project description](project-description.md)
[Dealing with litterature](litterature-handling.md)
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\cite{Midtiby2012psep} describe how to detect the Plant Stem Emerging Point of sugar beet in early growth stages.
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both the entire plant and the individual leaves in combination
\section{Project statement}
\chapter{Materials and methods}
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Step 3: Brainstorm about solution strategies for the described problem.
Step 4: Choose and implement a few selected solution strategies.
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## Write a problem descrion which is easy to answer in the conclusion
The work done in the first diamond leads to your **project statement**, in
which you define what problem you will work on during the project.
The second diamond is the actual bachelor or master project, where you
work on the problem that was defines in the project statement.
## Remark about width and depth of projects
A project is usually a balance between extent and depth.
The extent is how big an area the project is related to,
while the depth is how well you understand the elements in the project.
I lean in the direction, described by the quote below:
> Do less. Do better.
> From Study 30 Minutes a Day, Get a 4.0 GPA by Cal Newport
## Write a problem description which is easy to answer in the conclusion
## Use SMART goals
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# Report template
You may use the following latex report template.
# The report
The purpose of a master or bachelor project is a) to document the work done as part of a
master or bachelor project and b) to serve as an onset for the oral defence of such project.
## Target audience
Usually a student with the knowledge as one of your classmates
when you started this project.
## Structure
### Number of pages
A masters thesis (30 ECTS) report from a single student should have a length no
more than 60 pages plus maximum 15 pages of appendices.
A bachelors thesis (15 ECTS) report from a single student should have a length no
more than 35 pages plus maximum 10 pages of appendices.
# Questions that the report should answer
A good report will answer a lot of questions for the reader,
* what have been done?
* which results have been obtained?
* what have others done of related work?
* ...
Each of these questions are usually answered in certain parts of the report.
Here I outline what questions are usually answered in certain parts of the report.
* **Front page**
* Who did the project?
* **Introduction**
* What were you attempting to do in the project?
* Why was it worth doing the project?
* What have others done of similar work?
* Where does the project idea come from? (own idea, company, superviser, ...
* **Project statement**
* What do you want to achieve in the project?
* What is out of the scope of the project?
* **Materials and methods**
* Which sensors, algorithms and systems have been used in the project?
* How were experiments conducted?
* **Results**
* **Discussion**
* **Conclusion**