Commit 109c3755 authored by Paulo Medeiros's avatar Paulo Medeiros
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Make sure remove_irregular_stations returns df, df

To simplify the code and fix an unpacking error in the csv2obsoul
parent 16623341
......@@ -496,8 +496,11 @@ def remove_irregular_stations(
Default value = True)
'pandas.Dataframe': Copy of input df, but with the
irregular. stations removed.
'pandas.Dataframe': Copy of input df, but with the
irregular. stations removed,
'pandas.Dataframe': Dataframe containing removed movind stations.
dtg = df.metadata_dict["dtg"]
......@@ -512,6 +515,7 @@ def remove_irregular_stations(
df_moving_stations = pd.DataFrame.empty
logger.warning("Not checking for moving stations")
if duplicates:
......@@ -526,4 +530,4 @@ def remove_irregular_stations(
df.metadata_dict["dtg"] = dtg
return (df, df_moving_stations) if moving else df
return df, df_moving_stations
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
name = "netatmoqc"
version = "0.3.4.dev3"
version = "0.3.4.dev4"
description = "Use machine learning clustering methods to perform quality control over NetAtmo data"
authors = [
"Paulo V. C. Medeiros <>"
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