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Minor fix in "show" command for csv output files

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......@@ -120,11 +120,6 @@ def calc_distance_matrix_haversine_numba(df, weights):
# weights can be used by the users to give extra or
# lower weight to a given observation type. The weights
# are applied to the normalised values of the obd diffs
# We are not normalising geodists. Therefore, the normalised obs
# dists should have the same units as the geodists (km).
# Let's assign 10 km/normalized_obs_unit_diff by default
# This unit conversion is highly arbitrary...
weights_internal = weights
# Set any negative weight value to zero
......@@ -489,16 +489,16 @@ def show_cmd_get_fig_from_dataframes(args, dataframes, domain):
# Add contents from each file as a different trace
for fname, df in dataframes.items():"Add data from file '%s' (%d obs)", fname, len(df.index))
if "accepted" in fname:
trace_visible = True
marker = dict(color="blue")
if any(status in fname for status in ["rejected", "moving"]):
trace_visible = "legendonly"
marker = dict(size=5, opacity=0.25, symbol="x-open")
if "moving" in fname:
marker["color"] = "red"
marker["color"] = "black"
trace_visible = True
marker = dict(color="blue")
trace_name = Path(fname).stem.replace("_", " ").title()
trace_name += " (%d obs)" % (len(df.index))
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