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DomainGrid.thin_obs: Fix "float" index issue

Fixes issue #4.
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......@@ -319,6 +319,7 @@ class DomainGrid(Grid2D):
# Sort data by distance to nearest grid point
def _dist(lon, lat, i, j):
i, j = int(i), int(j)
p0 = np.array([lon, lat])
p1 = np.array([g2lon[i, j], g2lat[i, j]])
return haversine_distance(p0, p1)
name = "netatmoqc"
version = "0.3.7"
version = "0.3.8"
description = "Use machine learning clustering methods to perform quality control over NetAtmo data"
authors = [
"Paulo V. C. Medeiros <>"
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