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      v0.3.0: Domains, subdomains, thinning, min config · 82f55dd0
      Paulo Medeiros authored
      This is a merge commit. Last commit on branch was: 1cf6e3f5
      Summary of main changes:
          - Added
              * Domain geometry/grid info. Use this to:
                  - Perform a preliminary clustering in subdomains, then regular
                    clustering using whole domain. Substantial savings in RAM and
                  - Thin accepted obs, in "select" command, to a coarse grid based
                    on the domain's grid
              * "--version" command line option
              * "--config" and "--domain" command line opts to "show" command
          - Removeed
              * "savefig" and "show" opts from "select" command
          - Changed
              * Minimal config required
              * Performance improvements in distance matrix calculation
                through improvements in hollow_symmetric_matrix.py
              * A few minor log changes
              * "savefig" and "show" opts now belong only to "cluster" command
              * Output station IDs are now consistent with Roel's Netatmo.jl IDs
              * Improve plots
              * Minor cosmetic changes to dash apps
          - Fixed
              * csv2obsoul crash when there's no data for DTG
              * Shortening of station IDs for non-string ID types
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      Add "--version" opt. Ready to merge into master. · 8f80fe4a
      Paulo Medeiros authored
      Also, remove dep "pytest-rerunfailures", no longer needed.
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      v0.3.0.dev0: Domains, subdomains & thin to grid · 45c661ee
      Paulo Medeiros authored
      This is a merge commit. Last commit on branch: bcf0af85
      Summary of main changes:
      * New
          - Domain selection capability
              - Split obs into subdomains in a preliminary clustering, then
                run clustering as usual with input from the preliminary one.
                Massive memory & runtime savings.
              - Thin accepted obs to coarse domain grid in "select" command
              - Add "--domain" arg to "show" command
          - Minimal config: config parser now assigns defaults to most
            config options.
          - Add "--config" arg to "show" command
      * Fixed
          - Shorten ID issue when ID is integer
      * Changed
          - Output station IDs are now compatible with the ones used in Roel's Netatmo.jl
          - Simplified outlier obs relabelling
          - Simplified plot routines
              - Unify plot routines across the many netatmoqc components
          - Trim obs to domain before clustering
          - Add domain info to produced figures
          - Make produced figures editable
          - Minor renaming in clustering app indicators
          - Refactor config_parser.py
          - Make "savefig" and "show" opts available to "cluster" command only
      * Removed
          - "savefig" and "show" opts from "select" command
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      Change out statIDs for consistency with Netatmo.jl · 82924721
      Paulo Medeiros authored
      To produce results that can be more easily comparable with what Roel
      produces in Netatmo.jl (there's already people testing Netatmo.jl).
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      Make shown figures editable · ab0574cc
      Paulo Medeiros authored
      And make other minor cosmetic changes to them.
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      "select" command: Remove "savefig" and "show" opts · 12780d53
      Paulo Medeiros authored
      Redundant with functionality provided by the "show" command, as "select"
      already saves files that can be read later by "show". Leave these options
      only to "cluster" command now.
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