Commit f28bf03f authored by Aleksandr Konstantinov's avatar Aleksandr Konstantinov

Merge branch 'job_resume_better_message' into 'master'

Better error message for job resume request processing.

See merge request !895
parents 2e9d084b d9753cc1
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......@@ -779,14 +779,20 @@ bool ARexJob::Resume(void) {
if(id_.empty()) return false;
if(job_.failedstate.length() == 0) {
// Job can't be restarted.
failure_="Job has not failed";
return false;
if(job_.reruns <= 0) {
// Job run out of number of allowed retries.
failure_="No more restarts allowed";
return false;
if(!job_restart_mark_put(GMJob(id_,Arc::User(uid_)),config_.GmConfig())) {
// Failed to report restart request.
failure_="Failed to report internal restart request";
return false;
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