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Support for Ubuntu 17.10

parent 60b63575
......@@ -40,7 +40,11 @@ python installation):
1. only supports RedHat-like systems 6 and 7, and Ubuntu 16.04.
1. has been tested on and supports currently
* RedHat 6.x
* RedHat 7.x
* Ubuntu 16.04
* Ubuntu 17.10
If you have other OS, see 'python --help' and launch
the tool manually. You might also have to launch the tool manually
if you have old Python 2.6.
......@@ -54,7 +58,7 @@ Installation
--esindex <indexname>'
2c. Start the tool with '/etc/init.d/jura_to_es start'
2d. If needed, make 'jura_to_es' service startable at the boot with chkconfig.
3. On Redhat 7.x or Ubuntu 16.04:
3. On other supported OS:
3a. In the source code directory, run
'python install --juradir <path_to_your_jura_archiving_dir>'.
3b. If you need to use other ES host/port and index, than the hardcoded
......@@ -216,7 +216,8 @@ def monitor_dir(xml_dir, es, es_index, record_prefix, pidfile, logfile):
if (OS_name.startswith("centos") or OS_name.startswith("redhat")
or OS_name.startswith("Ubuntu")):
OS_version = OS_name.split("-")[1]
if OS_version.startswith("7") or OS_version.startswith("16.04"):
if (OS_version.startswith("7") or OS_version.startswith("16.04")
or OS_version.startswith("17.10")):
systemd_OS = True
if not systemd_OS:
......@@ -31,7 +31,8 @@ if not(OS_name.startswith("centos") or OS_name.startswith("redhat")
OS_version = OS_name.split("-")[1]
if OS_version.startswith("6"):
systemd_OS = False
elif OS_version.startswith("7") or OS_version.startswith("16.04"):
elif (OS_version.startswith("7") or OS_version.startswith("16.04")
or OS_version.startswith("17.10")):
systemd_OS = True
print "Unsupported OS version. Please, read the help of the python script itself"
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