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......@@ -139,12 +139,21 @@ Define ``NS`` records [#]_ to refer defined subzone::
.. [#] If you plan to use different out-of-scope domain names in ``NS`` don't forget to add glue ``A`` records.
Define ARCHERY entry point ``TXT`` resource record::
To create an ARCHERY entry point in the parent zone you can:
# ARCHERY entry point
_archery TXT “ t=org.nordugrid.archery”
- define ``CNAME`` record to use ```` as an entry point::
# ARCHERY entry point
_archery CNAME _archery.index
- OR define ``TXT`` resource record with ARCHERY data pointing to group::
# ARCHERY entry point
_archery TXT “”
The same technics can be used to define any other entry points (e.g. in the complete different domain). ``CNAME`` is recommended if you point to the only one ARCHERY group.
Prepare static list of Computing Elements
......@@ -159,14 +168,14 @@ CEs are specified line-by-line in the file::
To migrate from EGIIS ``archery-manage`` allows you to dump list of CEs automatically::
archery-manage -s egiis:ldap://,o=grid \
-o CEs > ces.list
-o arc-CEs > ces.list
Populate DNS with information
To populate DNS zone with endpoints information you should run ``archery-manage`` in the following way::
archery-manage -s file:ces.list --ddns-update \
archery-manage -s arcce-list:ces.list --ddns-update \
--domain --ddns-master-ip \
--ddns-tsig-keyfile archery-manage.key
......@@ -183,7 +192,7 @@ Filter: Port connectivity
Check network connectivity to endpoint TCP port and filter endpoints that do not pass this test::
archery-manage -s file:ce.list -f portscan ...
archery-manage -s arcce-list:ce.list -f portscan ...
Filter: Endpoint type
......@@ -194,11 +203,11 @@ a dedicated filter.
For example, if you want only EMI-ES ResourceInfo endpoints for EMI-ES only operation::
archery-manage -s file:ce.list -f type:org.ogf.glue.emies.resourceinfo ...
archery-manage -s arcce-list:ce.list -f type:org.ogf.glue.emies.resourceinfo ...
EMI-ES ResourceInfo and LDAP GLUE2 endpoints::
archery-manage -s file:ce.list -f type:org.ogf.glue.emies.resourceinfo,org.nordugrid.ldapglue2 ...
archery-manage -s arcce-list:ce.list -f type:org.ogf.glue.emies.resourceinfo,org.nordugrid.ldapglue2 ...
There is a special endpoint filter ``resourceinfo`` that is equivalent to EMI-ES ResourceInfo, LDAP GLUE2 and LDAP Nordugrid.
......@@ -208,7 +217,7 @@ Filter: VO
For project-based ARCHERY deployment it is also useful to filter endpoints based on VO access policy.
Only endpoints that advertise specified VO support will be added [#]_::
archery-manage -s file:ce.list -f vo:exampleVO ...
archery-manage -s arcce-list:ce.list -f vo:exampleVO ...
.. [#] Resource information (``GLUE2PolicyRule`` in GLUE2 and ``nordugrid-cluster-acl`` in Nordugrid LDAP) will be used as a source of supported VOs
......@@ -222,14 +231,13 @@ General DNS queries
Any DNS client tool can be used, for example::
[user ~]$ host -t TXT descriptive text " t=org.nordugrid.archery"
[root ~]$ host -t TXT descriptive text "u=dns:// t=org.nordugrid.archery" descriptive text "u=dns:// t=org.nordugrid.archery" is an alias for descriptive text "u=dns:// t=archery.service" descriptive text "u=dns:// t=archery.service"
<output omitted>
[root ~]$ host -t TXT descriptive text "o=service t=org.nordugrid.arex" descriptive text "u=ldap:// t=org.nordugrid.ldapglue2" descriptive text "u= t=org.ogf.glue.emies.resourceinfo"
<output omitted>
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