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include ENV/CANDYPOND to the list of system-defined RTEs

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......@@ -388,3 +388,16 @@ This RTE designed to be used as :ref:`default <default_rtes>` RTE to enable this
* ``SCRATCH_VAR = name`` - Variable name that holds the path to job-specific WN scratch directory (default is ``WORKDIR``)
ENV/CANDYPOND (experimental)
Makes availble the ``arccandypond`` tool for usage inside the job script on the Worker Nodes (including necessary envoronmental variables for it's operation).
.. note:: The CandyPond service itself should be enabled (defining the :ref:`reference_arex_ws_candypond`) on ARC CE as well.
* ``CANDYPOND_URL = url`` - Redefine the URL of CandyPond service (default is ``auto`` -- ARC CE URL used for job submission will be used automatically)
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