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Merge branch 'dev-cleanup' of into dev-cleanup

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This branch is dedicated to the cleanup of obsoleted technology.
As several developers are expected to work on this, a central development branch has been created.
You can commit by direct push.
Please keep the branch up to date with master following the usual procedures for a development branch
Once the work is done the branch will be merged back into master, and also into the "next" branch.
This file should be removed before merging into master.
Obsoleted technology that should be removed from ARC 6 as part of the code cleanup:
* CREAM related plugins and server-side components
* UNICORE related plugins and server-side components
* all the windows & solaris code and build
* JAVA bindings
* BES, WSRF and other non-EMIES WS flavours
* JDL, ARCJSDL, RSL job description dialect, we keep only XRSL and ADL
* EGIIS sever-side (aka infosys registrations to EGIS) BUT: keep EGIS in the client
* infosys schemas and info fetching for GLUE1, (top)BDII ; nordugrid-authuser object from NG schema
Code/functionality/feature assigned person(s) status
- [DONE] Windows packaging, build (e.g arc.nsi, Mattias
- [DONE] NSIS Anders (Mattias as backup)
- [DONE], clean off Windows, Java, Solaris Mattias
- [DONE] SWIG Java bindings Mattias
- [DONE] BES server-side implementation, Aleksandr
- [DONE] WSRF server and client side implementaton, Aleksandr
- [DONE] a-rex/key.pem, cert.pem,ca.pem 11 year-old files are needed? Aleksandr
- [DONE] a-rex/session,jobstatus are these needed or just some test leftovers?, Aleksandr
- [DONE] a-rex/ldiff (some ldif to xml converter). is this in use?, Aleksandr
- [WILLNOTBEDONE] a-rex/infoproviders/ DELETE since we drop GLUE1 schema, Florido, NOT REMOVED
> are you guys crazy? you want to lose all customers in one go? I suggest we remove this in arc7. --Florido
- [DONE] infoproviders should not publish the following: nordugrid-authuser objectclass, obsoleted endpoints such as BES,GLUE1,WSRF Florido, GLUE1 NOT REMOVED ; BES WSRF nordugrid-auth REMOVED
> ok for removal of nordugrid-authuser, BES and WSRF. Not ok for Glue1 see above --Florido
- [MAYBE USED] grid-manager/inputcheck.cpp, not used functionality, shall be removed? Aleksandr
- [NOT UTILS, PART OF CODE] grid-manager/misc check if all those utils are still relevant, Aleksandr
- [DONE] acix/cacheserver, apply new service name (acix-scanner) in the code, David
- [DONE] hed/dmc/arc, remove code, David
- [DONE] hed/lib/data, remove remote cache code, David
- [DONE, REST IS RELEVANT] hed/lib/infosys (some sort of limited infoservice with ISIS registration, etc..), is this relevant? Aleksandr
- [DONE] hed/lib/common remove win32 stuff, Anders
- [DONE] hed/daemon, clean off java, win stuff, Anders with Mattias
- hed/daemon/schemas, check what is old/unused/garbage there, David -> I have no idea what this is or if is it needed
- [DONE] acc/ldap, remove GLUE1 and BDII stuff, Andrii
> what is BDII stuff? be careful here. --Florido
- [DONE] acc/UNICORE should be removed, Andrii
- [DONE] acc/SER remove EMIR, Andrii => renamed to acc/ARCHERY as it is the only option now
- [DONE] acc/JobDescriptionParser remove JDL, ARCJSDL, RSL[only shared code with xRSL, no separate support exists] (keep only ADL and XRSL), Andrii
- [DONE] acc/CREAM remove, Andrii
- [DONE] acc/ARC1 remove, Andrii
- external, check if cjson still in use, or if it needs even an update, David -> YES still used by Rucio and ACIX DMCs and scitokens code
- [DONE] client/wsrf remove, Aleksandr
- [DONE] client/saml, remove Andrii
- [DONE] client/echo remove, Andrii
- [DONE] client/credentials/arcproxyalt remove, Andrii
- [DONE] client/credentials/test2myproxyserver remove, Andrii
- [DONE, MR 606] client/cache make it candypond, Andrii
......@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ configure-stamp:
--disable-doc \
--with-docdir='$${datadir}/doc/nordugrid-arc' \
--enable-sqlite \
--enable-internal \
touch $@
build: build-arch build-indep
......@@ -1341,7 +1341,9 @@ service arc-infosys-ldap condrestart > /dev/null 2>&1 || :
%if %{with_ldns}
......@@ -1358,13 +1360,15 @@ service arc-infosys-ldap condrestart > /dev/null 2>&1 || :
%if %{with_ldns}
......@@ -1376,9 +1380,9 @@ service arc-infosys-ldap condrestart > /dev/null 2>&1 || :
%files plugins-globus
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