Commit 2e0a4efa authored by Maiken's avatar Maiken
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Merge branch 'dev-issue46' into 'master'

Quick fix for Glue1 generator to get arex status (Fixes #46)

Closes #46

See merge request nordugrid/arc!576
parents c1d45038 331a942d
......@@ -205,13 +205,14 @@ sub translator(){
# Service information. This is an hack to mimic Site-BDII service information.
my $glueServiceUniqueID = build_glueServiceUniqueID($cluster_attributes{'nordugrid-cluster-name'});
my $glueservicename = $glue_site_unique_id."-arc";
my $glueservicestatusinfo=`/etc/init.d/a-rex status`;
# If you have a custom setup you may want to hack the command below with your own startup script path.
my $glueservicestatusinfo=`/etc/init.d/arc-arex status` || `systemctl status arc-arex` || "Cannot determine service status, see $0 line ".__LINE__;
chomp $glueservicestatusinfo;
my $glueservicestatus;
if ($? == 0) {
} else {
$glueservicestatus="Warning: $glueservicestatusinfo";
my $serviceendpoint = "gsiftp://". $cluster_attributes{'nordugrid-cluster-name'} . ":" . "2811" . "/jobs";
my $serviceversion = "3.0.0";
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