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##### Last updated: 2019-01-11
# ARC Middleware
Suggested structure
* Purpose of this document
* To point the reader to existing documentation
* To describe how to build from sources
We should assume who reads could be one or more of:
* reading github
* has downloaded the tarball
* has cloned the git repo
* is a user
* is a developer
* Short description of the SW
* Alternatives to building (repos)
* Building the software
* Getting the software
* Build prerequisites
* Build dependencies
* Using distros
* Build process
* Without distros
* Mandatory
* Runtime
* ldap (maybe not needed after EGIIS phase out?)
* Optional
* Build
* Build & runtime
* Runtime
* Build process
* Installation, configuration and testing
* just point to relevant pages
* Contributing
* Developer's pages, mainly git wiki
* Contacts
* Support, documentation, mailing lists, contact
ARC Middleware
The Advanced Resource Connector (ARC) middleware, developed by the
NorduGrid Collaboration (, is an open source software
......@@ -13,15 +51,16 @@ processing of large data volumes. ARC is being used to enable national
and international e-infrastructures since its first release in 2002.
# Dependencies
The core part of middleware is written in C/C++. Building the software
from source or installing a pre-compiled binary requires different
external packages, furthermore the client and server packages have
different dependencies too.
## Mandatory dependencies
Mandatory dependencies
Build prerequisites:
o GNU make, autotools (autoconf>=2.56) (automake>=1.8)
......@@ -53,7 +92,8 @@ If you are using LDAP based infosys:
o bdii version 5 or later
o glue-schema
## Optional dependencies
Optional dependencies
o CppUnit for unit testing
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