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Draft: RTE SINGULARITY: Use the SINGULARITY_OPTIONS input parameter instead of the environment variable if defined

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In the documentation of the Singularity RTE, 2 parameters are defined: SINGULARITY_IMAGE and SINGULARITY_OPTIONS.

Defining SINGULARITY_IMAGE in the submission script seems to have an effect on the execution and effectively uses the given singularity image. See in the source code: $2 is used here

Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case for the SINGULARITY_OPTIONS. Using this variable in the submission script does not change anything during the execution: options are not used.

This PR aims to support the use of the SINGULARITY_OPTIONS parameter from the submission script.

  • If not defined in the submission script, then the RTE Singularity script tries to use the environment variable
  • If not defined, then no singularity option is defined
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