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WIP: Review of GLUE2 in LDAP monitor

Review of GLUE2 in LDAP monitor


The GLUE2 part of the LDAP monitor was not properly completed and it was unusable.

This MR contains heavy changes to the main monitor page. These include:

  • The monitor no longer downloads both GLUE2 and NG data.
    • Separated LDAP filters for NG and GLUE2
  • Added new LDAP objects that can be used to extract numbers for GLUE2
  • Simplification of code for removal of host duplicates and selection of basedn
  • Simplification of code to calculate job numbers. Currently it is based on the assumption that "1 core : 1 job slot" as it was in NG
  • Rewrite of code to detect country of origin
  • Added some code to fix lack of information in GLUE2 about the cluster name
  • Added TODOs and comments to part of code that needs to be reviewed
  • Changed all tabs to spaces
Edited by Florido Paganelli

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