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Initial commit

Please do not change anything in these files. If you want to modify the tools, copy the folder outside of your git repo, and work from there.
See instructions for installation and use of python gitlab:
You must make your private access token, see instructions:
The target_id or source_id variables in the scripts refer to the project id, which you can find in Settings/General project settings. nordugrid/arc project has project id 188.
Simplest configuration of python-gitlab, place default places /etc/.python-gitlab.cfg or ~/.python-gitlab.cfg
default = coderefinery
ssl_verify = true
timeout = 5
api_version = 3
url =
private_token = <your-private-token>
#! /usr/bin/env python
from git import Repo
import gitlab
import os, sys, re
import argparse
NB! Must be run from inside the repo you will create merge request from, and on the source branch.
Assumes you have a configuration file in default place either /etc/.python-gitlab.cfg or ~/.python-gitlab.cfg with contents:
default = coderefinery
ssl_verify = true
timeout = 5
api_version = 3
url =
private_token = xxxxxxxx
target_project_id = '188'
gl = gitlab.Gitlab.from_config('coderefinery')
""" ************************************** """
""" Values you must change """
""" you find your fork's project id under your forks Settings/General project settings in the web interface"""
localrepo = Repo('~/arc-maikenp-fork')
source_project_id = '183'
""" End values you must change """
""" ************************************** """
source_branch = (localrepo.active_branch).name
projects = gl.projects.list()
arc = gl.projects.get(target_project_id)
arc_issues = arc.issues.list(state='opened')
mrs = arc.mergerequests.list()
fork = gl.projects.get(source_project_id)
title = None
components = None
short_descr = None
long_descr = None
descr = None
issues_tmp = None
issues = None
issues_fix = None
issues_close = None
target_branches = None
milestone = None
#Example of filling attributes here instead of on command-line
title= 'New submission plugin for restrictive sites, to be used with a local aCT. '
components = 'client, server'
short_descr = 'LOCAL submission plugin for sites fetching jobs instead of receiving jobs.'
long_descr = 'A much longer description that can go over several lines \n. And several paragraphs.'
issues = '21,22'
issues_fix = '20'
#Target branches must match existing labels and branches in GitLab.
target_branches = 'master,minor-6'
#Milestone must match existing milestones in GitLab, typically a release version.
milestone = '6.0.0'
#End example.
print "\n---> You can enter values of the merge request directly in this file, or on the command-line.\nIf both, the command-line arguments will overwrite the file variables.\n"
""" If values are not given in file, require as arguments"""
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
parser.add_argument('-si', '--source_id', help='Source project id (your forks project_id)',required = (None==source_project_id) )
parser.add_argument('-t', '--title', help='Descriptive title',required = (None==title) )
parser.add_argument('-c', '--components', help='Which component(s) does it belong to. Comma-separated list: 1:Core, 2:Server 3:Infosys, 4:Accounting, 5:Client',choices=['1','2','3','4','5'],required = (None==components) )
parser.add_argument('-sd', '--short_descr', help='Short one-line description of the work',required = (None==short_descr) )
parser.add_argument('-ld','--long_descr', help='Detailed description of the work',required = (None==long_descr) )
parser.add_argument('-if','--issues_fix',help='The fixes issue-id(s), comma-separated (no spaces)',required=False)
parser.add_argument('-ic','--issues_close',help='The closes issue-id(s), comma-separated',required=False)
parser.add_argument('-i','--issues',help='The issue-id(s), comma-separated')
parser.add_argument('-tb', '--target_branches', help='Comma separated list of target branches matching existing labels (no spaces!) e.g. minor-6,master',required = (None==target_branches))
parser.add_argument('-m','--milestone', help='Enter tag-number',required=False)
parser.add_argument('-b', '--bugzilla_link', help='Link to bugzilla ticket if there is one')
args = parser.parse_args()
if args.title: title = args.title
if args.components: components = args.components
if args.short_descr: short_descr = args.short_descr
if args.long_descr: long_descr = args.long_descr
if args.issues: issues_tmp = args.issues
if args.issues_fix: issues_fix = args.issues_fix
if args.issues_close: issues_close = args.issues_close
if args.target_branches: target_branches = args.target_branches
if args.bugzilla_link: bugz_link = args.bugzilla_link
if args.milestone: milestone = args.milestone
components = components.split(',')
if issues_tmp: issues_tmp = issues_tmp.split(',')
if issues_fix: issues_fix = issues_fix.split(',')
if issues_close: issues_close = issues_close.split(',')
issues = []
""" Filter out any duplicate issues """
if issues_tmp:
for issue in issues_tmp:
if issues_fix:
if issue in issues_fix:
if issues_close:
if issue in issues_close:
target_branches = target_branches.split(',')
if not (issues or issues_fix or issues_close):
print 'You must specify an issue either as -i (issue) as -if (fix issue) or -ic (close issue) - please run again'
def yes_no(question):
while True:
reply = str(raw_input(question+' (y/n): ')).lower().strip()
if reply[:1] == 'y':
return True
if reply[:1] == 'n':
return False
def check_attributes(mr):
all_issues = []
""" Check if issues actually exist and are not closed """
if mr['issues']: all_issues.append(mr['issues'])
if mr['issues_fix']: all_issues.append(mr['issues_fix'])
if mr['issues_close']:all_issues.append(['issues_close'])
for issue in all_issues:
print 'Error: Issues #' + issue + ' not found in target project ', arc.name_with_namespace
return False
""" Check if target branch exists """
for branch in target_branches:
print 'Error: Branch ' + branch + ' does not exists in project ', arc.name_with_namespace
return False
""" Check if source branches exist """
print 'Error: Branch ' + source_branch + ' does not exists in project ', fork.name_with_namespace
return False
return True
def construct_descr():
global descr, short_descr, long_descr
descr = short_descr + '\n\n' + long_descr
def construct_title():
global title
issue_str = construct_issues()
title += ' ' + issue_str
def construct_issues():
global issues, issues_fix, issues_close
issue_str = ''
if issues:
for issue in issues:
issue_str += '#'+issue+', '
issue_str = issue_str[:-2]
issue_close_str = ''
if issues_close:
for issue in issues_close:
issue_close_str += 'Closes #'+issue+', '
issue_close_str = issue_close_str[:-2]
issue_fix_str = ''
if issues_fix:
for issue in issues_fix:
issue_fix_str += 'Fixes #'+issue+', '
issue_fix_str = issue_fix_str[:-2]
full_issue = '('
if issue_str:
full_issue += issue_str
if issue_close_str:
full_issue += ', ' + issue_close_str
if issue_fix_str:
full_issue += ', ' + issue_fix_str
full_issue += ')'
return full_issue.replace('(, ','(')
""" Construct merge requests """
for branch in target_branches:
merge_request = {
'issues': issues,
'issues_fix': issues_fix,
'issues_close': issues_close,
is_good = check_attributes(merge_request)
if not is_good:
print "Merge request not correctly constructed, exiting..."
print "\n----> Creating merge request with attributes:"
for key, val in merge_request.iteritems():
print key, ':', val
proceed = yes_no("Send merge request?")
if not proceed:
print 'User aborted merge request, exiting ... '
print "Sending merge request"
fork.mergerequests.create({'source_branch': source_branch,
'source_project_id': source_project_id,
'target_branch': branch,
'target_project_id': target_project_id,
'title': title,
'description':short_descr + '\n\n' + long_descr,
'labels': ['python-gitlab']})
#!/usr/bin/env python
from git import Repo
import gitlab
See README file for installing python-gitlab and for configuration.
Script for
1) creating an issue with labels (type, component)
2) based on labels (type) check out parent branch
3) create development branch
NB! Assumes you are working on release 6.
If not, please change target branches from bugfix-6 or minor-6 to bugfix-7 or minor-7.
""" Variables to edit """
gl = gitlab.Gitlab.from_config('coderefinery')
path_local_fork_repo = '~/arc-maikenp-fork'
""" Example with more than 2 issues (and thus 2 dev-branches)
keys of the dictionary must match keys from gitlab api: """
issue_list = [
'title':'Issue to test auto-create from script',
'Use Python gitlab api to create issue, and from that create dev-branch on fork\n\n'\
'Can be several lines. To add images or other more elaborate things, update from web.',
'asignees':['Maiken Pedersen']
'title':'Issue to test auto-create from script',
'description':'Use Python gitlab api to create issue, and from that create dev-branch on fork',
'asignees':['Maiken Pedersen']
""" End variables to edit """
parent_project_id = '188'
arc = gl.projects.get(parent_project_id)
""" Create issues and dev-branches based on issue contents """
for issue_dict in issue_list:
""" Improve title of issue """
labels = issue_dict['labels']
components = []
for label in labels:
if 'component' in label:
affix = label.split('-')[-1]
component_str = (', ').join(components)
issue_dict['title'] = component_str + ': ' + issue_dict['title']
""" Create issue via api """
print('Creating issue with content: ', issue_dict)
issue = arc.issues.create(issue_dict)
""" create branches for issue """
parent_branch = ''
if 'type-enhancement' in issue_dict['labels'] or 'type-feature' in issue_dict['labels']:
parent_branch = 'minor-6'
elif 'type-bugfix' in issue_dict['labels']:
parent_branch = 'bugfix-6'
repo = Repo(path_local_fork_repo)
new_branch = 'dev-branch-for-issue-'+str(issue.iid)
print('Creating branch from ', parent_branch, ' with name ', new_branch)
#! /usr/bin/env python
import gitlab
### Very basic script showing how to create multiple merge request with same content to several branches
### fork-id must be changed along with other obvious variables
gl = gitlab.Gitlab.from_config('coderefinery')
arc_id = '188'
arc = gl.projects.get(arc_id)
#fork_id = '175'
#my_fork = gl.projects.get(fork_id)
#source_branch = 'maikenp-dev-branch-for-issue1'
#title = 'Infosys: Some short description (Fixes #1)'
#'Short description. \n Long description over several lines and so on..... xxxxxxx'
##Example how to create merge-request.
#mr = my_fork.mergerequests.create({'source_branch': source_branch,
# 'source_project_id':fork_id,
# 'target_branch': 'master',
# 'target_project_id':arc_id,
# 'title': title,
# 'description':descr,
# 'labels': ['master', 'minor-6']})
#mr = my_fork.mergerequests.create({'source_branch': source_branch,
# 'source_project_id':fork_id,
# 'target_branch': 'minor-6',
# 'target_project_id':arc_id,
# 'title': title,
# 'description':'descr,
# 'labels': ['master', 'minor-6']})
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